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Businesses across the UK are searching for more qualified, skilled HGV drivers to facilitate their distribution networks. With the increased industry demand for HGV drivers surpassing the available supply, it is evident that more newly qualified HGV drivers will find jobs easy to come by when it comes to job hunting in the field.

To become a licensed HGV driver, you’re required to pass HGV training and will need to have a full vehicle driving licence which in its own demands you be over 18 years of age. By now you would have gone through the complete HGV training process to be fully qualified as an HGV driver. Backed by proper HGV training, you’d probably be looking for a well-paying job.

How easy is it to find the best-paying HGV jobs and be among the highest-paid HGV drivers? The best-paid HGV driving jobs are often offered to drivers with outstanding qualities, if you’re looking for your next big driving job, then you have to equip yourself with some of the attributes of a great HGV driver.

Below are some of the qualities that the highest paying companies look for in an HGV driver.

1.      Reliability

Reliability is an important quality every successful HGV driver must possess. Every employer wants a driver that will turn up for jobs promptly and meets all delivery slots without much delay. Unreliability affects the whole job process and is a big turn off for companies.

2.     Honesty

An HGV driver should be honest enough to comply with all rules and regulations when on the road especially when no one is watching. A true and honest HGV driver is the person who protects his reputation and that of his employers. These are the HGV drivers that high paying companies and employers are looking for and are essential to the industry.


a red HGV truck driving on the road


The haulage industry is exposed to a great amount of liability throughout the process, from the distribution point to the destination location. A safety cautious HGV driver is a great asset to the employer as well as to himself. Both the driver and the operators are responsible for the cargo in transit. Every employer wants a driver that can guarantee the safety of the cargo they’re hauling.

4.    Adequate Training

The more training you have as an HGV driver the more marketable you will become. The high paying companies/employers are searching for drivers with better training. If you want to get paid well, you must do more than the every-day driver. Continuous training to obtain more professional skills will make you an asset to your employer.

5.     Healthy Habits

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a positive quality every HGV driver should have. Avoiding bad habits with side effects and eating healthily is imperative. Unhealthy habits will affect your ability to perform well and be detrimental to your reliability as a driver. Steer clear of junk foods, avoid much sugar and drink more water.

6.    Clean Driving Record

Employers are looking for drivers with a clean driving record. A driver with a spotless record gives assurance to operators that their cargo will be safely delivered without a hitch. Having a clean record relieves employers of constant check-ups and provides a sense of relief because they know their cargo is in safe hands.

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