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HGV drivers spend long hours on the road, so finding a good truck stop to have a break is essential. Since 2017, HGV drivers in the UK are required to take their regular weekly rest breaks in proper rest areas such as the motorway service areas and truck stops.

However, due to the lack of suitable truck stops and places to rest for lorry drivers, they are often forced to park in lay-bys or even worse on a motorway slip road. Resting in these locations is unsafe and may also be prohibited by DVLA as well as presenting a risk of getting a hefty fine.

In this article, we would like to share the 7 Best Truck Stops across the UK so that HGV drivers have more options and know where to go when they need to take their legally mandated break.

Below is our top pick of UK Truck Stops and Service Areas; we hope it will give you an idea of what amenities are available at each stop, and it assists you in deciding where to stop and take a break during the journey.

1. Route 74 – Lesmahagow M74 Junction 10 Service

Route 74 Truck-stop is about 26 miles south of Glasgow off junction 10 of the M74, located in Lesmahagow, South Lanarkshire in Scotland.

This Trucks-top is rather large, with parking space for up to 150 HGVs lorries, and it provides many excellent services for HGV drivers. It is also open to the general public. Pre-booking the parking slot online ensures that you have a spot for your HGV when you arrive, allowing you to relax and unwind.

Facilities offered at this Truck-stop include:
• 24 hours Shower facilities for men and women
• Travel essentials and snacks are available in shops
• Restaurants serve hot and cold food
• 24 hours Cash machine
• Drive-through hand wash facility for lorries and fully automated truck wash
• Onsite security guards
• Free internet Wi-Fi

This Service station is rated 4.5 over 1800 reviews. You can see the Route 74 – Lesmahagow M74 Junction 10 Service on Google Maps here.

2. Tebay Services – M6 Junction 38

Tebay Services – M6 Junction 38 – Image Credit: Google Maps

Tebay Services was founded by farmers in 1972, making it the UK’s first family-run motorway service station. If you’re travelling from the port of Hesham to Dublin, this is an ideal place to stop for a break. For those who fancy warm and delicious home-cooked food, Tebay Services provide top-quality roast dinners that are locally sourced.

Facilities at Tebay Services include:
• Farm shop
• Quality home-cooked roast dinner
• Bar
• 24 hours security CCTV
• Onsite patrolling HGV warden
• Shower facility
• Patrol station
• Cash machine
• Awarded ‘Park Mark Safer Parking Award’

Tebay Services is rated 4.4 stars over 13000 Google reviews. Check out Tebay services – M6 Junction 38 on Google maps here.

3. Formula Services – Ellesmere Port M53

Formula Services – Image Credit: Google Maps

Formula Services is located around Birkenhead and Liverpool ports – M53. It is a clean and modern premier truck stop catered to meet all the HGV driver’s needs, you can often get most of the necessities here, from food, fuel, truck wash facility to fun leisure activities such as a games room, fitness suite, and massage chairs. Formula Services has everything you need after a long day driving on the road.

Formula Services has parking spaces for up to 110 lorries and offers safe and secure parking for your HGV. With around 36 security cameras onsite in constant operation and 24 hours manned patrol, Formula Services is one of the safest Stops for HGVs in the country.

Facilities at Formula Services include:
• Fuel station
• Top-rated Shower facilities
• Travel essentials and snacks are sold in shops
• Restaurants served cold and hot food
• Games room
• Pool tables
• Fitness suite
• Massage chairs
• 24 hours cash machine
• Truck wash facility
• 36 security cameras
• Onsite security guards
• Free internet Wi-Fi
• And many more

Formula Services is rated 4.8 stars over 1350 Google reviews. Check out Formula Services on Google Maps here.

4. Ashford International Truckstop (AIT)

Ashford International Truck Stop – Image Credit: Google Maps

Ashford International Truck Stop is based in Kent off junction 10 0n the M20, it is very well located for Folkstone terminals and the Dover Port, Ashford Truck Stop is one of the well-known truck stops in the UK and is a great rest area for many lorry drivers.

The site is well-protected, with about 50 motion-sensor infrared CCTV cameras operating around the clock, high-quality barbed wire fences, and security patrols 24 hours a day. Your HGV will be very safe when parked up at the Ashford International Truckstop.

Although the Ashford International Truck Stop has 389 parking places, these places fill up fast so it is recommended that you book ahead of time through, which you can download from Apple Appstore and Google Play Store. You can also visit their website for more info.

Facilities at Ashford International Truck Stop include:
• Fuel station
• Shops, restaurant, and bar open 24/7
• Shower and toilet facilities
• 24 hours secure parking bays
• Fitness Gym and weights room
• Laundrette facilities
• lounge and TV area
• Gaming room
• Cinema TV
• Cash machine
• Free Wi-Fi
• Onsite accommodation that can be included in the parking fee

Ashford International Truck Stop is rated 4.1 stars over 3150 Google reviews. Check out Ashford International Truck Stop on Google Maps here.

5. Chippenham Pit Stop – Wilshire M4

Chippenham Pit Stop – Image Credit: Google Maps

Located in Wiltshire off junction 17 of the M4 motorway, easily accessible from the east and westbound carriageway. Chippenham Pit Stop is an ideal pitstop for those heading towards or from the South of Wales.

Chippenham Pit Stop was the winner of Truckstop News – Truck Stop of the year’ in 2017. This family-run business offers one-stop services all in one location, their facilities include toilets and showers with underfloor heating, a 24/7 fuel station, and a bar that serve local real ale as well as a barbershop and an outdoor Gym for drivers who wants to do some exercise to stay fit.

With parking bays for up to 87 vehicles, an award-winning restaurant serves locally sourced food, 24 hours security cameras, and night security guards on patrol to ensure drivers’ safety at night. No wonder Chippenham Pit Stop is highly regarded amongst lorry drivers. Visit the website for more info here.

Facilities at Chippenham Pit Stop include:
• 24/7 Fuel stations (they accept most major fuel cards)
• 87 parking bays
• Free parking for up to an hour
• Shower and toilet facilities with underfloor heating
• Outdoor Gym
• Shops sale drinks, snacks, medicine, and electricals
• Restaurant serves hot meals
• Bar with TV
• 24 hours security cameras
• Night security guards on patrol

Chippenham Pit Stop is rated 4.4 stars over 1810 Google reviews. Check out the Chippenham Pit Stop on Google Maps here.

6. Trucker’s Rest A5 Cannock, Staffordshire

The Trucker’s Rest – Image Credit: Google Maps

The Trucker’s Rest is a friendly, family-run cafe and truck stop on the A5 in Cannock, Staffordshire. Conveniently located off Junctions 11 and 12 of M6 Motorway, the Trucker’s Rest offers an excellent place for drivers to take a rest and have some warm and tasty homemade meals before they set off again for the next stage of their journey.

Facilities at Truckers Rest A5 Cannock include:
• Toilets and shower facilities
• Free shower with overnight parking
• Washing facilities
• Restaurant serves delicious home-cooked meals
• Secure parking

Truckers Rest Cafe is rated 4.5 stars over 1530 Google reviews. Check out the Truckers Rest Cafe on Google Maps here.

7. Red Lion Truck Stop – M1 Junction 16 in Northampton

Red Lion Truck Stop – Image Credit: Google Maps

Just a short distance from J16 on the M1 motorway, the Red Lion Truck Stop in Northampton is a quality truck stop for Lorry drivers to park and take a break. Being a pub as well as a truck stop, It offers many great facilities to lorry drivers such as good food, nice drinks, free Wi-Fi, secure parking with 24 hours dedicated patrol security guards, and much more.

The Red Lion Truck Stop has parking bays for up to 150 HGVs, newly refurbished modern and clean toilets and showers for women and men, cash machines, bar and restaurant, even laundry service if you need it. This truck stop has everything to make your stay comfy and happy.

Facilities at the Red Lion Truck Stop include:
• Quality shower facilities for women and men
• Secure parking
• Infrared CCTV Cameras monitoring the site 24/7
• 24 Hour Patrols with our dedicated security Guard team
• High mounting banks to stop intruders entering the site
• Parking for over 150 HGVs
• Well-stocked truck Accessory shop
• Bar and restaurant
• Delicious home-cooked meals
• Cash machine
• Free internet Wi-Fi
• Laundry service
• Outdoor beer garden

Red Lion Truck Stop is rated 4.5 stars over 3700 Google reviews. Check out the Red Lion Truck Stop on Google Maps here.

Why Truck Stops Are Important To HGV Drivers?

Truck stops are essential and very important to all drivers as it gives you a place to sit back, relax, and take a break from driving. As a professional HGV driver, you are required to take regular breaks by law to ensure you have enough rest to recover your energy before the next driving journey.

Remember, you could land yourself a hefty fine or suspension if you ignore the rules by not taking your regular break, and pulling over onto the roadside to take a nap it is not a smart idea as the DVLA are now prohibiting HGVs from parking on the hard shoulders or laybys to rest.

So, knowing the best places to stop and take your required rest break can keep you and others road users safe. Diving with tiredness can be very dangerous and accidents can happen if you can’t pay full attention while being on the road.

How To Find A Good Truck Stop Near You

We understand that these 7 truck stops mentioned above may not be on everyone’s route; nevertheless, you can use Google Maps to locate the nearest truck stop. If you search for ‘best truck stops near me’ in Google Maps ” it will return the results for truck stops that are nearby to your location.

Don’t forget to look up the truck stop’s Google review ratings and comments from previous visitors; this will help you make the decision on where to stop to have your rest break.

Alternatively, UKHaulier provides a Truck Stop Finder on their website that will show you a map of rest stops, cafes, and shower locations. It also includes route planning, information on transportation laws, fuel prices, and the ability to rate the services you’ve used. However, in order to use this service, you must first create a free account.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and find it helpful. Here at the Optimum Driving Group, we have helped many HGV drivers find their ideal HGV driving job for many years. If you have any questions, please contact Optimum Driving Group on 01908 018072 and our team is here to help you.