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Why use an HGV recruitment agency? With good HGV drivers becoming an increasingly scarce resource, it is important to adapt an effective recruitment campaign to attract talent.

Many of the larger employers have traditionally gone for a balance of recruiting in-house with utilising a recruitment agency, but the balance has been changing in recent years with agencies being used more than ever.

If you have tried to recruit HGV drivers yourself, you will understand the frustration of relying on job matching sites, where you will receive tens or even hundreds of applications that are completely unsuitable, often from other countries with the wrong type of licence, let alone being locally based!

In this article, we will examine some of the reasons why it can actually pay dividends to use an HGV recruitment agency regardless of your size.

The Benefits Of Using An HGV Recruitment Agency

#1 – Save Time And Money

Recruiting HGV drivers is expensive, with wages having risen to an all-time high in recent months, so, understandably, employers often perceive an agency as an additional cost they simply cannot afford.

However, the cost of employing the wrong candidate can be much, much more, and can easily cost you a year’s salary in real terms due to lost productivity and the time it takes to replace an unsuitable employee with a suitable one.

Add to that the cost of placing adverts, and then vetting and interviewing candidates, and it starts to make a lot more sense to get an agency to take all of that pain away.

Agency labour can be paid in two main ways – either you pay an agreed rate for the time you use an agency HGV driver, or you can agree on a temp to perm arrangement with your agency, where you pay the agency a premium for the first three months, after which time the driver becomes your own employee.

#2 – Access To More Quality Candidates

A good HGV agency will speak to dozens of HGV drivers looking for employment every week; and will spend time finding out what sort of work that driver is looking for and the location they want to work in, so will probably already have a shortlist of people that match your criteria.

They will also have well-honed, compliant procedures for vetting applicants, including following up on references, checking right to work and checking licences.

An HGV recruitment agency’s candidate database is perhaps a most valuable asset, with many drivers on their books that will have been working for them for years, as well as a varied pool of new applicants looking for a variety of HGV driving work.

#3 Turn It On And Off Like A Tap

Another attractive reason to use an agency is if your business is looking for short-term workers to cover peak periods. In retail, for example, the busiest times are always Christmas and the Summer Holidays, when demand is higher, and many full-time drivers may be taking holidays.

If you know you have a busy period coming up, using an HGV agency is a really cost-effective and hassle-free way of getting extra resources in, where there are no misunderstandings between the parties as to the nature of the agreement.

#4 Avoid Unwanted Applications

Partnering with a professional HGV recruitment agency doesn’t just save you time when you are looking for applicants, but it can save you time and hassle when you are not!

Unless you employ every applicant that contacts you, there will be times when you are not looking for new drivers, or even when you are recruiting, there will be plenty of applicants that are not suitable.

Partnering with an agency effectively lets you buy into your own recruitment department without the hassle of having of dealing with applicants yourself.

Your agency will take over all contact with applicants until they have been offered a position, including having the sometimes-awkward conversation with unsuccessful applicants.

Why Use an HGV recruitment agency

#5 Legal Expertise And Cover

Logistics is an industry rife with regulations and compliance. Any good operator will understand the importance of this in their daily operations, but may not always be as up to date with how this ties into employment law.

The legal landscape surrounding logistics is constantly evolving, and Brexit has complicated this further. HGV agencies are always up on the latest legislation, their living depends on it, and a professional agency will always follow the law to the letter.

They will also monitor important things like the Working Time Directive for you, as well as making sure any drivers they supply are working in line with the EU Regulations and CPC requirements.

Your recruitment agency, as the driver’s employer, also takes any HR or dispute issues away from you. Any grievances a worker may have are legally with the agency, not you as the client.

#6 Allow You To Do What You Do Best

Most logistics firms are passionate about what they do, and often see the hiring and firing as an additional hassle they could do without. If you build a relationship with your HGV recruitment agency, you can outsource this and allow you to focus more on servicing your clients.

Agencies can even step in to assist with training, arranging assessments and inductions, and managing the driver pool for CPC compliance and dispute resolution.

#7 Faster Hiring

Using an HGV recruitment agency ultimately speeds up the process of bringing in new talent, especially for periods that you haven’t been able to plan for. Logistics by definition needs to be agile and fast to act, and requirements for HGV drivers can vary hugely from day to day.

Recruiting people traditionally is often simply not an option. You would need a driver pool that simply wouldn’t be feasible from a cost perspective, so the ability to ramp up at very short notice and cost effectively can mean the difference between succeeding as a business or failing.

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