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Are you considering a new career as an HGV driver and wondering what kind of lorry driving jobs pay well? HGV drivers have gotten a lot of attention since the pandemic as they’ve played quite an important role in keeping the country’s economy running!

HGV drivers are currently being offered higher salaries across the country due to the driver shortage that is affecting the transport and logistics sector. If you’re thinking of pursuing an HGV driving career, this is a great time to start!

In this article, we discuss the type of HGV drivers and the types of driving work as well as the average salary for HGV drivers.

Here’s our article on the best-paid lorry driving jobs in the UK; keep reading to learn more.

Why You Should Become An HGV Driver

If you have a passion for driving and you want a job that gives you flexibility and a good income, then becoming an HGV driver can be incredibly rewarding.

As you may know that HGV drivers are currently in high demand across the country, and a career as an HGV driver is an excellent choice because the pay has risen dramatically in recent years.

As a qualified driver, you’re always in demand and driving jobs is always available in the transport and logistics industry.

Average HGV driver salary on reed Job site

The Average Salary Of An HGV Driver

An HGV driver’s starting salary ranges from £19,000 to £25,000, depending on your driving experience, where you live and what type of HGV work you do.

The typical yearly salary for qualified and experienced HGV drivers ranges from £35,000 to £50,000, depending on the location, the company you work for and the types of HGV positions and hours available. Experienced tanker drivers, on the other hand, can make more money than the average HGV driver.

According to, the latest average income for an HGV driver in Lancashire is over £47,000 per year. However, most HGV drivers are earning an average salary of around £35,000 annually in the UK.

Average income for an HGV driver in Lancashire

The Main Duties Of An HGV Driver

Driving an HGV involves a lot of responsibilities apart from delivering the loads on time and being safe on the road. Here are some main duties as a lorry driver:

• Organising and route planning
• Carry out a daily vehicle safety check
• Load and unload securely
• Be helpful and coordinate with employers
• Keeping records of important paperwork
• Operate a heavy goods vehicle safely on the road
• Have a clean driving licence
• Continual Driver CPC training

The Types Of HGV Drivers

• Regional Driver – driver works closer to home without any overnight stay.
• Long Haul Driver – driver usually drives long-distance and involves nights away from home.
• Dedicated Driver – The driver only works for a specific client, mainly working in local areas.
• International Driver – The driver will need to travel to different countries depending on the assignment.

The Types Of HGV Work

There are many different types of HGV work available, below is a summary of them.

HGV Shift Work

This can be day or night. This type of HGV work can be on the day from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Or night shift from 4 pm onwards, depending on the employer’s requirement.

4 On 4 Off HGV Work

This is a popular type of HGV work for many lorry drivers. The driver works 4 days in a row on the agreed hours with the transport manager, then take four days off before starting night shifts.

Long Haul HGV Work

The driver will travel a longer distance in between the drops and have fewer drops for the day.

International HGV work

The driver will usually drive a long journey to a different country, the job may also involve spending some nights away from home.

Local HGV Work

Local HGV work usually involves more drops in a smaller and designated area that the transport manager has planned for the driver.

Multi Drops HGV Work

The driver drives a 7.5t lorry with multi drops assignments that are not far from home. The driver can have up to 60 drops in a day.

A row of HGV trucks parked at the service station

What Are The Best Paid HGV Driver Jobs In The UK?

So, we’ve talked about the type of HGV working environment, now let’s look at the types of HGV positions and the average salary for different types of driving work. Please keep in mind that a lorry driver’s wage is influenced by a variety of factors.

You can look at the current driving jobs available on certain online job sites, such as Totaljobs or, to get a feel of how much money a lorry driver makes in your local areas.

1. HGV Class 1 & Class 2 Tanker Driver

What is a Tanker Driver? A tanker driver is usually a long-haul driver who transports liquids or gasses in a tanker lorry throughout the entire country. Tanker drivers will occasionally transport unhazardous goods, food-grade items as well as dry goods such as grain.

Salary Of A Tanker Driver

The average annual income for tanker drivers is around £35,000 to £45,000, however, this varies a lot depending on several factors, such as the company you work for, the location, and the types of HGV job you do. In some cases, fuel tanker drivers can possibly earn up to £55,000 per year or even more.

2. HGV Class 1 C+E Long Haul Driver

Class 1 long haul HGV driver drives a long distance across the country, the drops are far apart and will usually have fewer drops over the day as some drops can be a few hours’ drives in between.

Sometimes, long haul HGV drivers will need to stay away from home to finish the assignment.

Salary Of A Long-Haul HGV Driver

The average salary for a long-haul HGV driver is around £33,000 to £45,000, and again, the salary will be varied depending on the company you work for, and the types of driving work involved.

3. HGV Class 1 General Role Driver

HGV Class 1 driver’s general role will involve transporting goods to stores, delivering items to businesses and customers’ houses, fridge and pallets work as well as other multi drops delivery.

Salary Of A HGV Class 1 Driver – General Role

The average salary for a general role class 1 driver starts from £31,000. However, it’s very likely for class 1 drivers to be earning over £40,000 or more. The salary is based on your driving experience, the position, and the company that you work for.

4. HGV Class 2

A class 2 driver is qualified to drive a rigid lorry that is over 3,500kg with a trailer weighing up to 750kg. The Class 2 driver works across many sectors, including transporting goods to shops, cage work, fridge and pallets work as well as delivery to customer’s houses.

Average salary for class 2 HGV drivers

Salary Of HGV Class 2 driver

According to Totaljobs, the average salary for class 2 drivers starts from £25,000 per annual, due to the current driver shortage, some firms are paying experienced class 2 drivers up to £38,000 per year or even more. As we can see, experienced drivers are in high demand and can earn more money.

Is the HGV driving career right for you?

Well, being an HGV driver can be a rewarding career. There will be many challenges to overcome, from HGV training to the Driver CPC qualification, but it will be worthwhile in the end because lorry drivers are in high demand.

Many drivers are proud of their job as they have gained more respect in the community in recent years. With HGV driving salaries rising and the government stepping in to provide free HGV training across the country, being a lorry driver will give you a lot of satisfaction.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article and find it helpful. To enquire about our HGV driving work for qualified drivers, please get in touch with Optimum Driving Group for more details.