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If you have just passed your HGV driving test and are a newly qualified lorry driver, you may feel nervous about going for an HGV job interview.  As an experienced HGV recruitment agency, we know that a well-prepared and experienced driver will easily get the job they desire. A good, reliable, and responsible driver is in high demand in the transportation industry.

If you want to get the HGV position you apply for, you must prepare before going for the interview. In this article, we share some useful interview tips to help you stand out from the crowd and land the ideal HGV job. Read on to find out more! 

However, before we get into interview tips, let’s go over the skills required and the responsibilities of a good HGV driver.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An HGV Driver?

As an HGV driver, you will be in charge of transporting items safely throughout the country or across borders. The responsibilities of an HGV driver include the following:

  • Making sure the items you’re transporting are securely fastened in the vehicle
  • Checking that the load is balanced and not too heavy for the vehicle
  • Following the correct route and obeying traffic laws
  • Ensuring that the items you’re transporting are delivered on time
  • Inspecting the vehicle before and after each journey

What Are The Skills Required To Be A Good HGV Driver?

To become a good HGV driver, you’ll need good driving skills. You should be able to control a large vehicle and reverse it into tight spaces. You’ll also need to be able to read maps and follow directions, be safety conscious, and be aware of your surroundings while driving.

It’s also important that you’re able to stay calm under pressure. This is because you might have to deal with difficult situations, such as bad weather or traffic jams that delay your delivery schedules.

Now that we understand what’s required to become a good HGV driver let’s look at the top tips for passing an interview.

Here are the 9 Top Interview Tips For New HGV Drivers

1. Do Your Research

Before your interview, research the company you’re applying to. This will show the interviewer that you’re interested in the company and that you have the motivation to work for them. Find out the company’s history, products, and customers as much as possible. If you know someone who works for the company, ask them for advice.

2. Prepare For Common Interview Questions

Some common interview questions are about your experience, skills, and motivation to apply for the job. Spend some time preparing for these questions. This will help you answer them confidently and without hesitation.

There will be some common questions related to HGV driving. For example, the interviewer might ask about your experience driving large vehicles. They might also ask you about a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation while driving.

3. Practice Your Driving Skills

During the interview, you might be asked to demonstrate your driving skills. This could involve reversing into space or driving around a course. You can use an online simulator or visit a local driving school to practice your driving skills.

Driving an HGV is different from driving a car. You’ll need to be able to control a large vehicle and reverse it into tight spaces. If you can show the interviewer that you have these skills, it will increase your chances of getting the job. You also need to ensure that your HGV license is up to date.

4. Highlight Your Customer Service Skills

As an HGV driver, you’ll be responsible for delivering items to customers on time. This means that you’ll need to have good customer service skills. You should be able to deal with customers professionally and honestly.

In your interview, highlight any customer service experience you have. This could be from a previous job or volunteering. If you don’t have direct experience, give an example of a situation where you provided good customer service.

5. Show That You’re Flexible

HGV driving can be a demanding job. You might have to work long hours, weekends and holidays. You’ll also need to deal with last-minute changes, such as a change in the delivery route. Show the interviewer that you are flexible and able to deal with changes.

6. Arrive On Time

Make sure you arrive at your interview on time. This shows that you are punctual and respect the interviewer’s time. If you are running late, call the interviewer and let them know.

One of the main responsibilities of an HGV driver is to deliver items on time. This means that punctuality is important. If you can’t arrive on time for your interview, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do the job.

7. Be Confident and Make a good first impression!

At the interview stage, you must be fully prepared and confident that you can do the job. This means being positive and enthusiastic about the role. It’s also important to make a good first impression.

8. Ask Questions

At the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions. This is your chance to find out more about the job and company. It also shows that you’re interested in the role.

Some questions you could ask include:

  • What are the main responsibilities of the job?
  • What are the working hours?
  • What training will be provided?

9. Follow Up After The Interview

After your interview, send a thank you email to the interviewer. This shows that you’re grateful for their time and interested in the job. You should also follow up with a phone call if you haven’t heard back from the company after a week or two.

Good Luck For Your Job Interview!

Hopefully, by following these tips, you’ll have a successful interview and get the job you wanted. Good luck!

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