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HGV drivers have a responsibility to stay safe on the roads. However, accidents can and often do happen! While these accidents are usually just that – no real blame can be placed on anyone – there are things you can do to prevent HGV accidents from occurring.

Unfortunately, a handful of different accidents occur due to a few common mistakes, so it can be vital to look at these accidents and how you can prevent them.

Speeding Accidents

Some of the most common HGV driving accidents occur because of speeding!

We’ve all been guilty of going a bit over the speed limit in a car during busy moments, but when you’re at the wheel of a heavy goods vehicle, speeding becomes a lot more dangerous.

You’re at the wheel of a big vehicle; it is heavier and slower to respond. You can’t stop as quickly, which means that those precious seconds can distinguish between an accident and a narrow escape.

To prevent this, plan out a proper route which doesn’t need you to speed, and obey the speed limits at all times – they’re in place for a reason.

Bridge Accidents

One mistake that many HGV drivers make all the time is that they forget just how tall their vehicle is and try to go under bridges. As you can imagine, this often goes wrong.

More than 2000 reported incidents of HGV vehicles damaging bridges every year – a statistic that racks up millions of pounds in property damage.

Pay attention to the clearance signs for bridges, and if you’re not sure, find an alternative route. It’s better to wind up a few minutes behind schedule than to get into an accident.

Health-Related Accidents

You might assume that your vehicle is the only thing that can go wrong with your HGV vehicle – this is not the case. The driver is a pretty essential component for HGV accidents – drivers who suddenly take ill on the roads are liable to bring their entire vehicle crashing into something.

Keep an eye on your health, mainly your overall fitness and eyesight, and schedule regular visits to doctors and opticians. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry!

Anger-Related Accidents

Road rage is one of the leading causes of accidents, and managing it is a core part of HGV safety.

You’ll want to make sure that you try and avoid any significant reactions to being overtaken or other people’s lousy motoring – your vehicle is too big and heavy to throw around in a fit of anger.

Careless Driving Accidents

We’ve all been in a position where we’re comfortable behind the wheel. You’ve been doing your job for a few years, and you feel comfortable in it – so maybe you decide to be a little lazy with your turns or a little distracted on the roads. This is how many common HGV driving accidents start – so keep vigilant and stay focused.

Driver fatigue is another cause of HGV accidents, as tired drivers have slower reaction times, reduced attention, lower awareness, and the ability to drive the HGV properly. So, make sure you get enough rest and don’t overdo your driving hours.

Final Thoughts

HGV drivers have a big responsibility, and there are many ways that accidents can happen. You need to be focused, disciplined, and in control of yourself. Otherwise, an accident can be inevitable!

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